Emergenza festival finals 2016 @ Pumpehuset

Pictures of every one of the 22 bands in Emergenza finals east 1 and 2, 2016 , and the announcements of winners

Enjoy everybody!

Feel free to contact me for more images if you are one of the participating bands.


Kevin Morby @ Huset-KBH

Kevin Morby @ Huset-KBH

Enjoy everybody!


Myreskær @ Huset-KBH

Myreskær @ Huset-KBH

Enjoy everybody!


Copenhagen Psych Fest 2015 @ Huset

Copenhagen Psych Fest 2015 @ Huset

This weekend Copenhagen Psych Fest 2015 blew Huset i Magstræde away!
I would like to share some images I got during the event. Sadly, I had other arrangements as well, all days, so if I’m missing pictures of the band you were looking for, I’m sorry. One can only hope that they hire me next year as staff.

Shot for RockFreaks.net. I cannot wait for the full feature to go online.

Thank you to everybody for a great weekend of Psych!




On saturday RockFreaks.net convinced Vildhjarta to come visit KB18 and play some fantastic music. BILLY BOY IN POISON, EVRA and GHOST IRIS supported, and all in all, it turned out to be a great evening of beer and music. Keep an eye out for the review over at http://www.RockFreaks.net

If you have any questions about my photography, Roskilde Festival or something else, please just write me a comment or message and I will get back to you.