Kevin Morby @ Huset-KBH

Kevin Morby @ Huset-KBH

Enjoy everybody!


Myreskær @ Huset-KBH

Myreskær @ Huset-KBH

Enjoy everybody!

Copenhagen Psych Fest 2015 @ Huset

Copenhagen Psych Fest 2015 @ Huset

This weekend Copenhagen Psych Fest 2015 blew Huset i Magstræde away!
I would like to share some images I got during the event. Sadly, I had other arrangements as well, all days, so if I’m missing pictures of the band you were looking for, I’m sorry. One can only hope that they hire me next year as staff.

Shot for I cannot wait for the full feature to go online.

Thank you to everybody for a great weekend of Psych!

Shotgun Revolution @ Nordic Noise Festival 2013, Pumpehuset

Shotgun Revolution @ Nordic Noise Festival 2013, Pumpehuset.
The closing Band on the opening day of Nordic Noise festival 2013.

Shotgun Revolution NNF2013-4

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Artsy shit @ Copenhagen


Soo.. I guess I’ve been quiet for some time now. But don’t worry! That doesn’t mean i’m sitting on my hands. I was out shooting some internal decor and a bit of Sax. I’m sure none of the pictures of the Bar “BørsBar” will interest anybody, but I might put op a few of the pictures when I get around to doing some “more than final” editing.

That night a saxophone player jammed in the bar, and we went out in the centre of Copenhagen, around Højbro Plads,  to take some pictues. Here is one of them. Enjoy!

I’m thinking of working on putting together a “real” portfolio – for now wordpress will have to doo. I’m not sure I have sufficient material yet. I know that I have -next to nobody- following me in the Copenhagen area, but if you know somebody looking for a Photographer, assistant or second shooter, let me know.