Corrections House @ Loppen

Corrections House @ Loppen

If you have been to Loppen more than once, chances are that you know that the lighting can both be very dimly lit, or you could walk into a inferno of color and lighting. I expected last nights performance by Corrections House to be of the first kind. And as expected, not much lighting to work with, and after the first few songs, the singer, Mike IX Williams of Eyehategod, told the lighting guy to turn the red lighting all the way down. At that point I knew that it would be a night of High ISOs and B/W images at the end… I don’t really get to complain, as it is not a photo shooting session for the performers, but it makes my job so much more difficult, and the end results suffers as well. In the end, everything worked out. You just have to work with the tools and lighting available. 

Anyway here are the photos of the live performance of Corrections House at loppen. Enjoy!

For any requests, questions or comments just send me a message or a mail.


One thought on “Corrections House @ Loppen

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