Scarred By Beauty @ Beta 2300

Scarred By Beauty @ Beta 2300

So, this past weekend Beta hosted their birthday party! 3 Years since this great little venue opened the doors first. Three bands played during the event; LESS WIN, Scarred by Beauty and Go Go Berlin! as their surprise act. I was invited by the drummer of Scarred by Beauty, Dennis Leszkowicz, whom also works for Red Bull, where we got talking.

Other than this, My newly received soligor/Tokina 135mm F2 got it’s first exercise. Let’s be honest. I knew that shooting a 135mm manual focus lens at F2 wasn’t going to be easy, but i really was surprised by how low the contrast in the glass was. Hurray for post processing. Interesting lens for somebody that might cant afford a 70-200 and need a longer, low light/portrait lens.

Well, enough gear talk for now, here are my shots of Scarred By Beauty. Enjoy!

Constructive Criticism is appreciated. For any requests or questions just send me a message or a mail.


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