Cars of Hong Kong / Second day in HK

Cars of Hong Kong / Second day in HK

The cars of Hong kong are amazing! Nothing like I’ve ever imagined! Where do all the Mercedes’s come from? And it’s not the small A Class’s either. I’ll post a album with car pics when I come home. For now you’ll need to make do with the one in this post.
Visited SIM City and Hollywood shopping center. I guess they are quite big, but I think my expectations were to big. Camera tech shopping weren’t so impressive. They didn’t have a proper battery grip for my D600, SD card prices were higher than at home, tripods were heavy and expensive. such and so forth. In short, I were not impressed. But anyway, still a amazing day. A lot of amazing experiences walking the streets, and exploring Kowloon park.
The park weren’t green! No grass, but a lot of trees. It’s a nice park, but you can see it all in an hour, but you could chill there all day.
After lunch I meet Tony! A local guy, a amazing guy. He have all the inside information I wanted, and is a really nice guy. We talked for hours on top of the International Finance Center (IFC) with a view of the HK bay. Then he showed me the party area near HK center. Lan Kwai Fong. The streets were full of people. In front of 7/11, because beer is cheaper there than in the bars. The bars were blasting music into the street, the streets were filled with people partying and drinking. It would be great to go there some time.

Tomorrow will be the “Out and about” with Ian Hunter from CS at Tung Lung Chau for the day. From 10 am to 4pm. We will be a small group of 7 people from the CSHK community.

At night there is a CSHK meetup at 10pm. The Kowloon Meetup #10. Hope me and my feets are still alive when i come home. :p

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