Arriving in HK


So, arrived in HK yesterday 16:00 local time. The AirportExpress IS the easiest way of getting to and from the city, just bare in mind the way it intercets with the metro. Thought it would be easy going from the Kowloon station on the express line to Austin on the metro, but because i were carrying all my luggage the they where building something massive it took quite some time. Top Tip: take a cab from Kowloon. Get A octupus card! You probably heard it before, but if you plan on using the MTR, it’s just that easy. It’s 150 HKD. 50 HKD refundable deposit and a 100 HKD balance on the card. The airport express is 160 HKD for a return ticket to Kowloon.

Be cautious of the area surrounding the ChunKing Mansion. I have no problem telling people off, but it might not be the place for you. There are some cute shops, but the prices are not the best. especially in Camera shops.

I went down to the  Kowloon Public pier and it’s absolutely beautiful! I’m looking forward to being there at a better time. It was quite overcast yesterday. The only picture for now is a unedited 2 image stich of the clock tower at the peer. Need a tripod :p

Today It’s exploring the city! I’m going north through kowloon park, to the areas north of the park. The only “must do” for today is buying a small tripod.

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